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Tissot PR516 Chronograph 40526

Let’s Go Racing The connection between Tissot and the world of car racing traces its origins to a poignant moment in 1958 when the Swiss driver, Harry Zweifel, forged a meaningful bond with the renowned watchmaker. This pivotal episode unfolded when Zweifel, expressing his deep affinity for Tissot, sent the

Caravelle Devil Diver

Caravelle Devil Diver Why play around with an expensive watch this summer? In a previous article, I highlighted the value for money that Caravelle watches offered. I also noted the increase in demand for certain design styles such as the Sea Hunter and World Timer. These watches graced the stores

Bulova Oceanographer GMT Snorkel

Movements and Reissues Parking Meter Bulova is part of the Citizen brand and recently we have seen more movements being used in new Citizen watches that then trickle down into Bulova reissues. Most recently the use of the Miyota OS21 turned on its side to suit the 98b390 Parking Meter.

Eterna Calibre 520

Calibre 520⚙️ 15 jewel ⚙️ 18,800 A/h ⚙️ 1941 The Calibre 520 was the first movement produced by Eterna for men’s wristwatches. It beats at 18,000 BPH and had a power reserve of 42 hours. This service watch is still beating accurately even through all its time out in the

Louis Erard

Louis Erard was born in 1893 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a city in the Swiss Jura region that is known for its watchmaking heritage. He began his career in the watch industry as an apprentice at a young age and eventually went on to start his own watchmaking school and casing company in 1929.

Perseo Railking – The Italian Railway Watch

Perseo watches have a long history, with their fame stemming from their initial supply of pocket watches to the Italian State Railways in 1927. The brand’s name, Italian for Perseus, originates from Greek mythology and is supposed to reflect the brand’s reputation for defeating challenges.

Bulova 10BA

Bulova produced two variations of the 10BA both modified from an ETA 900. There was a center second version from an ETA 926 which was renamed in 1952 to the more suitable reference 10BAC. In most (but not all) Bulova movement references a C denotes a center second – such

1944 Bulova Alderman 10BA

This 1944 Bulova watch is a true testament to the brand’s durability and craftsmanship. It features a rolled rose gold case that has aged beautifully with a tarnished patina, paired with a 17-jewel manual wind movement. The movement is stamped with a circle, which was the date stamp for Bulova

Accutron – 60 Years

October 25th 1960 Bulova use a two character stamp to denote the year of manufacture. These stamps appear on both cases and movements. The first character is a letter to determine the decade and the second character is a number to state the year. In the case of 1960 it

The Dirty Dozen Eterna

It’s become apparent that people are aware that I like watches and have started approaching me to fix and appraise timepieces. It doesn’t really matter to me what it is – I find almost everything interesting and in almost all cases the item holds some sentimental value. However I was


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Hello, I’m Murph, and I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to share my interest in watches and all things related to timepieces.

Back in 2017, I found myself in need of a new hobby to replace my initial passion for cars. Collecting cars became impractical due to their size and cost, and it was a friend who introduced me to the world of high-end watches. The combination of form and function in these timepieces caught my attention, and I’ve been quietly obsessed ever since.

While a Gold Rolex Daytona 6265 remains a distant dream for me due to budget constraints, I’ve discovered plenty of budget-friendly options that I’m excited to explore and share with you. I hope you find them enjoyable too!

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