Black bezel 96B344

Bulova are about to re-re-release the Devil Diver.

In 2018 Bulova re-issued/re-released/dragged out of the archive kicking and screaming the Bulova Oceanographer Snorkel from 1969. They used the more iconic white broad hands rather than the earlier straight steel hands – collectors have a preference. It was 44 mm wide not including the crown and it was a heft of steel. It managed to stay above water because of the attention of detail and design paid to the original.

This time Bulova will be launching the model in a much more suitable 41 mm case size. This will be completed with a reduced in size 18 mm bullet strap.


It’s a little confusing why they didn’t do this in the first place – especially when they released new colour ranges last year for the larger 44mm case.

It’s an emerging trend that watch companies finally realise that their customers don’t want hulking lumps on their wrists. No matter how “curved” they are.

The new model will feature a single colour bezel – either red or black. Same Miyota movement and same 200 metre water resistance. My only comments about the Miyota are that it lacks a hacking seconds and the rotor is particularly noisy.

Red bezel 96B343

Pricing looks to be similar model so expect to see it appear around the £500 mark.

Now – Bulova, please re-release the Lunar Pilot at 41mm. You’ll actually sell some of them and people’s wrists will rejoice.

The originals are all still available to buy new and provide a lot of value for money. Plenty of fruity colours to choose from!

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