2423.10 ⚙️ 0 jewel ⚙️ 3,600 A/h ⚙️ 1977

This early quartz movement featured a super neat function called “Accuset”. Because it had a little drift in time keeping it was possible to hit a button on the side of the case when you found a reliable time source that was at 0 seconds. The movement would then either stop and wait to lose time or it would go into double time and catch up.

Mesmerising to witness and it still works on this one! I’ll do a video at some point.

Check out the stepper motor at the top of the case. This provides a movement every second that drives the hands to ‘tick’. This ticking action is purely to save energy – because it reduces the amount of time the motor is active. Bulova has released a few smooth sweeping quartz movements – the draw back is a seriously reduced battery life. Note the adjuster which allows for precise tuning of the time keeping – not really expected on a super accurate quartz watch but this was the genesis!

They literally do not make them like this anymore. Check out the full watch here.

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