Bulova 14EB ⚙️ 17 jewel ⚙️ 18,000 A/h ⚙️ 1970

This Bulova 14EB is a modified Valjoux 7733 which is a chronograph movement featuring two sub dials of running seconds and minutes passed. Bulova used this movement from 1969 to 1973. The watch here is the Deep Sea Chronograph “Surf Board” from 1970.

The 7733 is a cam shifting chronograph movement and is actually just an evolution of the Venus 188 from 1948. Valjoux absorbed Venus in 1966 and made no changes to the movement until 1969. This cam style movement was considered more affordable than the well known column wheel variants – this led to many manufacturers releasing new models to suit this emerging market including Breitling with the Top Time.

The movement has been revised several times and Valjoux produced variants that include date (7734), 12-hour counter (7736), 10 minute regatta timer (7737) and then the self winding (7750) that was initially released for only 1 year in 1974 before the quartz crisis quashed production. The 7750 was released again in 1985 once people had realised quartz was dull.

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