Accutron 2185 ⚡ 13 jewel ⚡ 360 Hz ⚡ 1970

The Accutron 2185 movement was the last code in the 218 line up. This movement featured the ability to set a second time zone and was found in either the Railroad or Astronaut models.

With the Railroad models the extra hour hand was suggested to be used to monitor train times when changing time zones. It can also assist with trains travelling between areas that do and do not follow daylight savings.

The Astronaut models featured two different ways of indicating two time zones. The first models featured an hour wheel that sat in an aperture between 5 and 7 o’clock that rotated with the movement on the hour. It was possible to advance this separately to keep an eye on another time zone.

The second method was a fourth hand – just the like the railroad. This extra hand could be moved independently with an extra crown at 3 o’clock. These crowns are not held in and will pull right out – this is why a lot of these GMT style Accutrons are missing their secondary crown.

Full article on this 1970 Bulova Accutron Astronaut MK IV can be found here!

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