I haven’t touched this watch in about 4 months or more. It ran out of battery and just sat there. But then this week I decided it was just too cool to be left dormant. I’ve slapper a fresh battery in and it’s kicked back in to life.

How do you even start to describe this dial. I’ve been told it’s the same colour as Gumby. But I’m not American so I have no idea what that is.

It’s textured like a tiny green mountain range. Or like a rich turquoise sea lapping at the golden hour indices.

Domed crystal

Note the tuning fork logo as the counter weight for the sweep seconds hand. Accutrons sweep so smoothly that it’s absolutely mesmerising.

AKL obviously had taste

10 carat rolled gold case back with an 18 carat electro plated bezel. It’s a rich gold colour but it is possible to tell the difference between the two purifies.

Coin edge bezel in very clean condition

The font of the day and date wheels is exceptional. I probably need to just run through the date wheel as a separate post. It’s brutal art deco.

Relatively thin silhouette – slight degradation of the 18 carat plating

Tuning fork logo on the crown at 4 o’clock

Bulova Accutron 2182

The Accutron 2182 is the heart of this piece, now running off a 1.55 volt battery. The 218 is the base movement and the 2 suffix denotes day and date.

I hope you enjoyed these photos – so tell me, how would you describe it?!

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