My name is Murph and I wanted to start a blog as an outlet for my passion for watches and all things related to watches.

I started collecting watches in 2017. I needed a new hobby to replace my first love – cars. I just could not keep collecting cars as they are far too big and far too expensive. I was influenced by one of my very good friends – J. He started to show me images of high end watches and I started to fall in love with the combination of form and function.

It became very clear I could not afford a Gold Rolex Daytona 6265. Luckily for me there were plenty of budget options that I could scrape off the bottom of the barrel and enjoy.

Bulova Watches

1973 Bulova Sea King GL, 1979 Bulova Accutron Quartz Deep Sea, 1970 Bulova Deep Sea Chronograph A, 1967 Bulova Ambassador, 1977 Bulova Set-o-matic

When I started hording watches I would just grab whatever was cheap and looked interesting. This lead me through a weird genesis of obscure manufacturers and unknown brands. It did feel like I was stumbling around dodgy back streets picking up knock offs – but it did allow me to learn a lot over a short period of time.

I remember my good friend J talking about the the hierarchy of knowledge. I had already been through this knowledge seeking journey with cars – I just wanted to know more. I had pretty much exhausted websites and forums for information. I had to start experimenting with turbos, ECU management and performance parts – it was fun but I realised there wasn’t much further to go without spending a lot of money.

Where do you fit on this hierarchy?!

When I first approached watches I just thought they were battery powered and that was that. What was an automatic? How come that watch hand is ticking more times than once a second? Why is that watch so much more expensive? What’s a tuning fork got to do with watches?!

I have been travelling through this pyramid of joy and it has been that thirst for knowledge and understanding that has driven me. I know there is still so much to learn but I can explain most concepts quickly and easily – that’s the real measure of understanding.

I want to use this site to talk openly about watches – news, reviews, legendary watches and other topics. I am fully aware this has been done to death – but so many of these watch blogs and websites annoy me. So that means it must annoy other people. OR it means I am just going to annoy you too.

Smash some feedback in the comments below to help me improve my content.


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